New York City is undoubtebly one of the hippest, edgiest, most fast-paced cities in the world. Its proud New Yorkers are known for making the most of every minute, no fuss, no frills, just straight to the good stuff.

That’s what Yellow Cab Pizza Co. is all about: giving customer’s the full New York pizza experience, straight up.

The Yellow Cab Pizza Co. Story

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. opened its first branch back in April 2001 with a simple mission: to share a slice of New York to its’ customer

Yellow Cab serves New York-style pizza with premium ingredients and generous toppings. But wait, what is New York-style pizza anyway? Unlike the pizza you’re used to, New York-style pizza is crisp and slightly charred in the bottom, dense and chewy in the middle, and slightly gooey on top. And that’s just the crust. Top it off with a generous serving of the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, and you get—simply put—great New York-style pizza.

But the New York experience doesn’t just stop with the pizza.

Step into one of Yellow Cab’s 130 branches nationwide and be greeted with an energy and passion that matches one of the world’s favorite cities. With an open kitchen, exposed pipes, grafitti and concrete walls, you get a taste of the lifestyle of a true New Yorker.

Want a bite of New York in your home or office? Yellow Cab delivers the good stuff wherever you are in its iconic yellow Vespa scooters.

With ingredients that fit perfectly together, Yellow Cab Pizza Co. serves products that people from all generations keep coming back to. No matter what the occasion is, pizza, pasta and other stuff will always be a good idea.